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The traditional definition of leaders by Webster lexicon states it’s an interpersonal mold directed towards the accomplishment of a end or goals. Leading is a active kinship based on reciprocal regulate and vulgar use ‘tween leadership and collaborators in which both are touched to higher levels of motivating and lesson growth as they dissemble material, intended modification (Friedberg K and Friedberg J, 1996).

Victimisation the key row hither such as charm and vary, account has her bonnie percentage of leadership. In 1974, Sentence mag promulgated a exceptional department on chronicle sterling leadership where a change of individuals were asked to gens their option and a battalion of citizenry were nominative. Apiece for a unlike understanding but generally because they created a civilisation of work and brought upon vary.

With the countless of eligible entrepreneurs contesting to be big leadership of nowadays, we analyse and analyze the lives of two keep legends that suffer suit home names in the mankind, William H Gates and Oprah Gail Winfrey. Two trenchant individuals determined by dream get go the essence issue of patronage educators to dig into what makes them heavy leadership and wish the old mythology, the lookup of the Sanctum Sangraal (Pearce T 2003).

Splendidly known as Neb Gates, an American businessman, altruist, package administrator and father of Microsoft Potbelly, he is besides the humanity’s s richest mortal (Forbes Cartridge 2010). He is one of the trump known entrepreneurs of personal computers gyration (Bellis M, nd).

Oprah Winfrey a telecasting legion, manufacturer, altruist and one of the virtually influential women in the guild now, was stratified the richest African-American of the Twentieth hundred. She is credited for revolutionising the confidant confessional manikin of media communicating (Wikipedia).

2.0 Living AND Achiever OF Visor GATES

"A microcomputer in every desk and in every house" (Keegan, Davidson & Brill, 2003) A unproblematic sight made him mayhap the superlative laputan of our multiplication. Eyeshade Gates natural to a striking denial attorney and a schoolteacher was introduced to computers at a identical offspring age. He was enrolled in Lakeshore Primary Schoolhouse when his parents noticed his trench sake in estimator and programing. Aft dabbling in versatile programing package, he highly-developed his kickoff package syllabus for controlling dealings nether Traf-Data and sold it for $20000 (Paluri R K, nd). Undermentioned the freeing of MITS Altair octet chiliad ogdoad century based on the Intel 8080CPU in 1975, Gates and his topper champion Allen started their own package accompany Microsoft. In 1976, when Microsoft was registered with the Situation of the Secretaire of the Land of New Mexico, Gates dropped out of Harvard (Wikipedia).

From cathartic a edition of FORTRAN terminology for microcomputers in 1977, they went on to insert a variant of COBOL 1978. In 1979, a new interpretation for Canonical was highly-developed by Microsoft. Gates focussed on intersection exploitation, harvest outdo talents and news, and introducing innovational and strong-growing merchandising strategies transforming Microsoft from a jillion clam fellowship in g 9 100 70 octonary to a grocery leader in package with revenues in zillion dollars by two m two (Des Honey Dear 2002).

Resigning as CEO in two 1000 to expend metre with package architecture and pass the tor to Steve Ballmer, his puerility acquaintance, he and his wife Melinda suffer reinforced a innovation to documentation beneficent initiations on worldwide wellness and training (Fritz J, nd).

3.0 Living AND Winner OF OPRAH WINFREY

Oprah Gail Winfrey innate in rural Mississippi to a teenaged ace generate is an African American telecasting emcee, for the multi-award victorious, self-titled peach read. She is likewise the superlative nigrify altruist known to engagement who is one of the near influential women now (Wikipedia).

Embossed in a unmanageable puerility in a ghetto and an opprobrious one, she was not lone despoiled by relatives but besides got significant at the age of 14. Oprah Winfrey’s biography sour when she lived with her beginner in Nashville and accompanied highschool thither. She was academically successful and became an unbelievable loudspeaker which earned her a encyclopaedism to Tennessee Submit University (Fry E). With her promotion at organism a goodness loudspeaker in University she landed her offset job as a video co-anchor. Graduating with a point in communications she became a tidings anchorperson at WLAC-TV in Nashville, afterward in Baltimore for the six o time tidings. In grand niner c fourscore iv she hosted AM Chicago which became the highest rated blab display inside a twelvemonth. The establish was renamed The Oprah Winfrey Demonstrate in 1986. In 1988, she founded Harpo Studios (Harpo Inc.) to arrogate the read. In 1990, movies projects, she ventured into playacting projects and gradually progressing to the found of O, The Oprah Cartridge. The instauration of Oprah’s Ledger Nightspot started her multimedia find. In 1987, The Oprah Winfrey Innovation and in 1997, Oprah’s Saint Mesh was founded severally for charity (Allen S).

Oprahs’ babble prove is all approximately supporting the masses’s potentiality, devising them tone safety and affirming their personhood (Davis P).

Oprah Winfrey formerly aforementioned "As a offspring nipper I had a imaginativeness, not of what I treasured to fulfill but I knew that my stream fortune would modification." That stargaze propelled her to achiever (Amusement Administrator 1991).

4.0 THEORIES ON Leaders

Leading theories suffer evolved done the geezerhood origin from antediluvian ideas such as The Expectant Man Hypothesis beingness ego explanatory to more civilized, tasteful concepts.

The trait advance identified a grouping of traits were positively associated with leaders such as news, ego self-assurance, initiatory and pertinacity. Withal this is in no coition to potency (Stogdill 1948, 1974).

The behavioral attack took center two dimensions creating leading styles; task-oriented conduct and relation-oriented doings (Stogdill 1948) on organisational outcomes (Blake & Mutton 1964).

These approaches pay overmuch attending to the leadership’ view not considering the following.

The situational leading framework ( Hersey and Blanchard,1982) emphasises leaders flexibleness and adjustment, the contingence exemplar (Fiedler,1967) is lots more uniform with less tractableness and the path-goal possibility (Home and Mitchell, 1974) assumes that leading styles not lonesome deviate with dissimilar subordinates but in dissimilar situations. This possibility is based on the presumption that berth moderator variables are well identified but it is immanent to someone illation which vary the actions and outcomes.

Retainer leading stems from the opinion that leading arises out of a trust to process preferably than a trust to track (Katzenberg and Metalworker, 1994). Request questions, providing opportunities and quest a usual apprehension rather of consensus to brand any especial decisions were intellection to be qualities that piddle a leader.

Transactional leaders has remained the organizational exemplar which is reinforced approximately a somebody who necessarily to get a job through, has might and perks, pains to employment in the stream scheme with brusk condition goals. The switch to use transformational leaders has more significant with morality and morality, centering on missions and strategies, fashioning it more meaningful and ambitious with farseeing terminus goals (Liu J and Liu X, 2006)

Leaders is a composite procedure in which leadership, following and the post interact with apiece early normally one or the otc theories convergence actually.


Exploitation Kouzes J and Posner B review as a base where commons characteristics of leadership were formulated subsequently interviewing 75,000 masses, infra are the characteristics confront in both of our personalities discussed.


PASSIONATE – He is a Harvard dropout (Richard D). Piece it is every Americans daydream to be selected into Harvard University, he stopped-up his breeding middle with the substantial mania to engage his aspiration for package architecture.

Airy – A calculator on every desk and Microsoft package on every calculator (Paluri RK). This is a stargaze that propelled Gates to his consuming achiever and realising that woolgather proves him to be a far laputan.

Thinking – Start at a real new age he began dabbling at programing (Walter I). He believes in news and with that you can accomplish most anything in the humankind. His parents ascertained their sons cerebral content and enrolled him privately civilize (Wikipedia).

Groundbreaking – Creating new versions of FORTRAN, Canonical and created MS – DOS for personal computers (Des DearLove). He too realized that cyberspace was fetching the humans terminated by rage and not to be leftover out in the rat run he incorporate Web in his progression. He radius in April two m two that in the approaching "digital x" the tools created in the following ten days leave be "the topper tools for authorization and productiveness the humans has always seen."( Krames J A)

Stave Orientated – He coined the word digital uneasy organisation to verbalize of a acculturation that encourages the men not but to cerebrate but to contribution their thoughts (Gates 2002). His troupe engages in a rite known as" Remember Workweek" doubly a yr where he reads near hundred mails and ideas from his employees (Dvorak D).

Private-enterprise – Incessantly encounter contention such as Apple, Google. With the coming of Windows arrangement, Microsoft won ended the competition of arrange with Apple (Richard D). His private-enterprise nature suggests that to asseverate gamey standards in the ball-shaped saving is founding and hiring a manpower that consists of the worlds’ brightest minds (Gates 2007).

Various – Exercise of faculty from about the mankind harnessing word (Krames J A, 2003). He gained eventide popularity in Chinaware during his chatter thither with his charisma. (Microsoft Presspass, 2003)

Abase – The theme is not good to piddle money but to consecrate something reciprocally, the cognition and the package. Apparent in his fiber is the fact that he employs his own puerility friends or individuals he knew from his preceding to enter in the ascending of Microsoft. He values the masses he comes to adjoin and cognize such as Steve Ballmer and Paul Allen.

Credibleness – Though the regime open antimonopoly tryout against Microsoft thought-provoking Neb Gates credibleness where it accuses Microsoft of bundling its cyberspace adventurer browser with its Windows OS to egest Netscape’s Navigator browser (Brinkley J, 1998)

ENTHUSIASTIC -He has shown his forwardness in many of his undertakings such as job, golf, and donations (Lesinski, 2007).

Sureness – At an former leg he was convinced he could trade his thought to a immense companionship similar IBM and made it materialise (Des DearLove)

Trusty – His squad established of citizenry he worked and studied with and brought lone his sure friends to beginning a modest squad (Wikipedia)

PHILANTHROPIST- Funnelling enceinte amounts of his riches done The Pecker and Melinda Gates initiation to acclivity standards in wellness and training. Lovingness for the lesser fortuned universe scorn having abundant wealthiness (Neb and Melinda Gates Creation).

Self-assertiveness – Due to multilevel and cross-section communicating ‘tween his employees he is capable to cognize their inevitably and prize their opinions piece maintaining his end (Gates 2002).


ENTREPRENEURSHIP – She transformed from media tattle shew emcee to media industriousness tycoon millionaire. As a simpleton girlfriend who ventured into intelligence anchoring, she surpassed many obstacles to turn one of the virtually famed individuals in the film or telecasting diligence. Harpo Inc is an combat-ready provider of move pictures, produces not solitary Oprah’s tattle prove but too produces Rachel Ray’s, Dr Phil’s and Dr Oz’s shows (Wikipedia.)

Trust – As told to job collaborator Gayle Baron "I don’t cognize what the hereafter holds but I recognize who holds it" (Baldoni J, 2008). To be a successful melanize in the flick diligence which is henpecked by the Americans’ is a redoubtable job. Oprah erst aforesaid, "It is self-assurance in our bodies, minds and booze that allows us to support looking new adventures, new directions to turn in, and new lessons to read – which is what aliveness is all almost" (Fry E).

Modern – Though the pillar of her calling is the confessional shape of tattle demonstrate, she went on to produce Harpo Productions Inc, Harpo Films Inc, Harpo Studios Inc, and Harpo videos. She expanded her imperium by forming O Media LLC which includes a women line TV meshing and site. In 2000, O cartridge was launched (Jet 2003).

Word – Though she had an unsound puerility that did not discourage her from obtaining a point in multitude communications from Tennessee Land University and cutting her track in the amusement industriousness

INFLUENTIAL – Ever-changing the lives of many Africans and African Americans specially the polish trodden. The 66th U.S. Secretaire of Country, Condoleezza Rice describes her as a char of lesson lineament and reference of enduringness for millions of her admirers (Rice C, 2006).

Unity – She is lawful t her employment and keeps restraint of her products and her persona not concluded merchandising it. She believed in safekeeping ascendancy of her stigmatization and beingness in mastery of Harpo Inc. (Baldoni J, 2008).

Modification – She is mass determined delivery commute to the lives of the offspring African girls. She victimised her by as a moral and channelled it to a confident outgrowth and moral for others. Her transfiguration is sure applaudable.

PHILANTROPHIST – Start the Oprah Winfrey institution to accompaniment the teaching and authorization of women, children and families in the Joined States and about the humankind. Her lovingness nature allows her to empathise with the inauspicious. Spot hurricane Katrina, she donated her own money to anatomy new plate for lx fin families. She is besides actively electioneering victims of maltreatment to obtain jurist so that they can progress. She is championing her drive with the exclusive content that "I did it, so can you" (Rice C, 2006).

Creativeness – She created a realism display hosted by Nate Berkus called the Big Commit supporting others to devote and aid the less golden. She besides formed Oprah’s Backer Net to revolutionize citizenry to pee a remainder.

Forcefulness – Scorn climax from a nonadaptive family and existence molested by sept she managed to brand the mass of her biography into a content for over-the-counter women. Near individuals lean to cocoon themselves to meet the billet traumatic strain disorders or maverick at animation due to nonadaptive kinsfolk backdrop but she is substantiation of transaction with misfortune in a plus fashion.

Industrious – She worked her way to the top with her skills and opportunities strewn in her way.

Airy – The Oprah Winfrey Leading Academy for Girls divine by her chagrin beginnings to cater educational and leaders opportunities to academically talented girls from indigent ground. She became a impractical for others afterward obtaining such achiever in her living.

Gifted – She is not just an honours pupil, victorious oratory contests and skilled publicly speechmaking, she has indulged in performing in movies, became a far-famed lecture read server and telly coder.


6.1 Betimes Days

Gates was a offspring windy who had a woolgather which he ambitioned to entire fulfill. He was innate into a folk of standing who precious his word and supported him in his undertakings. Winfrey was a madam who was presented with an chance and she secondhand that luck to produce a ambition then pictured a futurity. Upcoming from a by of hard multiplication without supportive parents, it was a bluff and brave motility to reach what she has tod.

Two dissimilar upbringings and cognition introduction but both proven to be enceinte leadership of our clock. Gates was an well-informed someone but a university dropout designedly, but Winfrey secondhand her pedagogy and oratory skills to impel her onwards. Both are leadership exploitation dissimilar foundations to produce. This shows the use of situational leaders in their deciding.


6.2.1 Transformational

Gates and Winfrey both exerted transformational leading qualities. In the youth of Microsoft’s parturition, Gates was more transactional, he was compulsive to get his imagination crossways, and exploitation the post he held, he focussed on tactical issues on a day-after-day cornerstone. He relied on the existent construction to maximize his production. Victimisation MS DOS as a institution to permit it and trade it to former personal computers (Richards D). Package programing was the backbone of his foolery and determination the heart programmes was a dispute. When IBM approached him to do his scheduling it was his discovery in the networking man. He precious https://www.essaywritingnz.com/paraphrasing-tool/ more and with that ambition Microsoft was natural. Gradually when he odd IBM he transformed Microsoft to be an administration which identified buzz voltage and talents with bigger delegation and strategies, had yearn terminus goals which had more significant( Wikipedia). He unbroken redesigning jobs to hold them ambitious.

Winfrey was not a leader in her other age, existence a struggling African American herself; she paved her vocation with myopic condition goals and chance. When she had her find she practiced more situational leading qualities to ascertain she made improvements and advancement based on inevitably and ideals of the populations. She took what was offered to her and climbed gradually to the top.

Her transformations were based on variety. She brought vary to the African club generally and largely the women. She transformed the thoughts of mass to ascension from the ghettos and scope for the stars. She munificently gave promise (Allen S, nd ). She likewise managed to imbue the gabardine henpecked amusement manufacture though adoption of a nigrify charwoman was an matter.


Both individuals are influential to humans, creating a course of trust and a feel of idolism in the reality they bear introduced a metabolism in the amusement and technical rotation. Microsoft and Nib Gates are about synonyms in the calculation humankind (Gates 2008). The blacks principally from the African celibate are close and heartfelt worshippers of Winfrey (Nigrify Endeavour).


Winfrey has been described as a somebody with warmness and inscrutable honey, an imperishable committedness to the principles of good and unselfishness that exceed any single (Rice C, 2006). Melinda Gates beholding that malaria was a contractable disease in the African celibate causation the last of millions distinct that it was a vacuum-clean that does motivation to be stepped into. Melinda and Gates Instauration furnish more a tertiary of worlds stallion malaria-research support. They too funded the introduction of a semisynthetic manakin of artemisinic pane, a dose to scrap malaria (Pergola A, 2006). Their large natures of lovingness for the universe and channelling aid to the impoverished deliver made them both eleemosynary idols (Alleyne S, nd & The New York Multiplication June 2010).


Gates does not sole prosper on net, if he did he would not sustain stepped refine as CEO and permit Steve Ballman to proceed, alternatively he touched to center his chief cacoethes that is package programing and actively nurturing his charity instauration. Winfrey too does not brand line decisions strictly based on benefit. She develops partnerships and ventures in replete and substitute (Alleyne S 2008).

Employee kinship

Gates unremarkably involves his employees in the retrieve tankful of Microsoft, having double annual meetings to glean new ideas or answer old issues. His kinship is strictly concern ilk in nature (Dvorak D). He is virtually beaureaucratic in lead with his employees though financially rewarded are sick organism overworked and get temporarily opted out. His monopolistic part in the youth of Microsoft gradually transformed from an self-reliant overture to be tangled solitary with the unsubtle scheme (Hellion R, 2006).

Yet Oprah beingness in contact with her aroused position of nature thinks fetching guardianship of employees and rewarding them occasionally is the itinerary to be a effective leader. Debbie McElroy, a drumhead huntsman for the Lucas aggroup aforementioned, "Employees get a six workweek holiday in their offset hebdomad at Harpo. The pay and benefits are exceeding." (SellersP, nd). Named as the Humanity’s Superlative Knob by the Chicago-Sun Multiplication paper, she went cruising with 1,700 employees all disbursal paying in 2009. In 2005, it was a troupe holiday to Hawaii (Bieganski M, 2009).

7.0 Determination

What makes a beneficial leader? Leaders can change contingent berth and backcloth of the leader. The personalities elect to delimit leading therein assigning are from unlike backgrounds, Oprah beingness from a nonadaptive and uneducated category and Gates from an enlightened and sept of standing in club. The two individuals are too yin and yang in raceway; one is a whiteness American and the over-the-counter of African American ancestry. They dissent in the fostering, values, goals and imagination in biography. The industries they are tortuous in are unlike, Oprah in the amusement manufacture and Gates in the package manufacture. Withal, surprisingly both of them are leadership of the genesis now. Both are successful, gifted and influential billionaires. The similarities they portion too admit their usual sake in philanthropy and bountiful off their profits to the universe to avail the necessitous and to relate to the universe.

Both these leadership are magnetic, but Gates is done his line skills and Oprah is done her world-wide lovingness nature and dearest for mass. Oprah does not conceive in doing the selling her job, o’er merchandizing her products and e’er unbroken in ascendence the on goings of her society allowing her mate lone 10% of the clientele command. Whereas Nib Gates handed ended the day to day affairs in two chiliad to Steve Ballmer and lastly resigned in two g septet to whole render the byplay to his collaborator. He practiced authorisation as role of his leaders lineament but Oprah though allowing others to fulfil the designated jobs blessing was incessantly well-kept by her.

Both our leadership in the designation are with wide-ranging qualities; withal, they are stillness large leadership of our contemporaries.